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The Gambia Telecommunications Company Limited (Gamtel) is the primary provider of core telecommunication services in the Gambia, The company is a state owned, limited liability company, with the Gambia government owning 99% of shares and Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) owning 1% of shares was incorporated under the Companies Act 1955 as amended under Cap. 95. 02 of the Laws of the Gambia 1990.

GAMTEL Partners with HUAWEIto upgrade and expand Gamtel's network backbone

Earlier today, Gamtel and Huawei reached a strategic partnership agreement to upgrade and expand Gamtel’s network backbone.

The upgrade includes the deployment of several 7 DWDMs and OLTs to improve bandwidth to address the increasing unprecedented service and coverage demands in the ICT sector. 

 As a partner to the numerous carriers within and outside the borders of the Gambia, and a key player in the Gambia government’s digitalization initiatives, we remained committed to this cause, and as always taking a lead role in building the information technology super highway.

We are thankful to the Gamtel and Huawei teams for the tireless efforts and their continuous support.

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Gamtel officiated MoU with TAF Africa Global.

Gamtel officiated MoU with TAF Africa Global on 9th November 2022 for the provision of Fibre Optic Internet to all TAF CITY residents. This development is another milestone in our efforts to provide reliable and affordable boradband internet for all residents of The Gambia.

As we extend high-speed fibre optic capacity into TAF CITY, the residents will enjoy high-speed internet at at the cheapest monthly charges. Managing Director ,Mr Lamin Tunkara led the delegation

The turnaround to a successful positioning of Gamtel as envision have now taking a great shape and stride. It’s only a matter of time when this will be realization will be on the lips of every Gambian and the proofs to this are obvious.

Gamtel Turn Around

These achievements and progress at GAMTEL are just a few to take note, and ultimately, as a result of a great team and phenomenal leadership. Mr. Lamin Tunkara the managing director of GAMTEL have taken the communication company from a pallative care to a progressive and promising state both in terms of service delivery and economic burst.

 These achiements and progresses are being realised against many odds including the deliberate cutting of fiber cables and polls in the streets of Serekunda, Pipeline and other parts of Kombos all because sabotise.


G-Fiber is the last mile connectivity solutions from the ECOWAN core network, the access terminal is distributed countrywide and expansion will be carry out in near future.

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GRA and Gamtel partner to implement ASYCUDA World system

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Internet for Home


Gamtel has a countrywide Fibre Optic Network backbone which is seamlessly integrated into a ring for end-to-end connectivity through ECOWAN -Gambia Project.


ADSL2+ is an upgraded High-Speed fixed broadband internet connection on your telephone line, with no interruption on the voice calls. It enables faster data transmission through a single connection.


G-Fiber is the last mile connectivity solution from the ECOWAN core network, the access terminal is distributed countrywide and expansion is ongoing in most parts of Greater Banjul Areas (GBA) and gradual in most rural communities

Dark Fiber

Dark Fibre is a strand of fibre optic cable, Gamtel provides dark fibre strands for GSM Operators, ISPs and companies with larger operations. .

Internet for Office

Fibre To The Business

Gamtel Lease line Fibre broadband internet connection for Businesses is a high-speed data transmission medium through optic fibre cables which provide incredibly super-fast transfer of data over a secure and reliable connection

Dark Fibre

Dark Fibre is a strand of fibre optic cable, Gamtel provides dark fibre strands for GSM Operators, ISPs and companies with larger operations.

Virtual Private network

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a form of Wide Area Network (WAN) that allows users to securely access a private network and share data remotely through public networks.

Private Cloud Data Center

The GAMTEL Private Cloud has been part of the GAMTEL NBN project, was contracted to Huawei and implemented by Huawei based on purely Huawei technologies.

How it Works

Get ADSL2+



A Gamtel Telephone Line


An ADSL 2+ wireless modem for Wi-Fi access


For bigger offices and homes extra wireless access points are needed to extend the Wi-Fi access


For those who want to use the ADSL line for both voice and data, needs a filter that separates the voice port from the data port. Usually this comes with the ADSL2+ modem.
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