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Our Branches.

Bakau Branch
Telephone: (220) 4496008
Fax: (220) 4496-042

Serrekunda Exchange
Telephone: (220) 4399927 / 4399928
Fax: (220) 4372-421

Telephone: (220) 4465-846
Fax: (220) 4465-544

Yundum Branch
Telephone: (220) 4472-083
Fax: (220) 4472-277

Brikama Branch
Telephone: (220)4484659
Fax: (220) 4484-100

Farafenni Branch
Telephone: (220)5735322
Fax: (220) 5735-257

Soma Branch
Telephone: (220) 5531259
Fax: (220) 5531-001

Basse Branch
Telephone: (220) 5668253
Fax: (220) 5668-004

Barra Branch
Telephone: (220) 5710256
Fax: (220) 5710-161

Kaur Branch
Telephone: (220) 5748-259
Fax: Fax: (220) 5748-261

Russell (Liberation Avenue)
Telephone (220) 4229-108
Fax: (220) 4226-300

Latrikunda Sabiji
Telephone:(220) 4390970
(220) 4390-969

Telegraph Road
Telephone: (220) 4226-240
Fax: (220) 4227-214

Gunjur Branch
Fax: (220) 4486-026

Kairaba Avenue

Telephone: (220) 4390-093
Fax: (220) 4392-866

Kerewan Branch
Telephone: (220)5720027
Fax: (220) 5720-117

Brikama Ba Branch
Telephone: (220)5678453
Fax: (5) 678-004

Senegambia Branch
Telephone: (4) 4460094
Fax: (4) 460-023

Janjangbureh Branch
Telephone: (220) 5676-102
Fax: (220) 5676-111

Pakaliba Branch
Telephone: (220) 5545-000
Fax: (220) 5545-004

Bansang Branch
Telephone: (220)5674330
Fax: (5) 674-00

labour Day message

Dear Gamtel/Gamcel/GTMI Colleagues:

It’s that time of the year when workers across the globe celebrate International Workers Day.

Today, the 1st of May 2023, GAMTEL/GAMCEL/GTMI join and celebrate our workers for your hard work and extraordinary service you have exhibited to advance the cause and services for which our companies were built upon.
At Gamtel/Gamcel/GTMI, management is cognizant of the spectacular and amazing jobs you have done and continue to commit yourself to promoting our agenda. Our recognition of your years of service to the company ranging from over 35 years to a day of work at Gamtel/Gamcel/GTMI is by no means acknowledged and heartily appreciated. We are truly grateful to you!

In light of the above, I want to seize the opportunity, on my behalf and on behalf of Management, to thank each and everyone of our staff for the continuos and ardent commitment to Gamtel/Gamcel/GTMI. We thank you for your contribution in building the Telecommunications foundations in the Gambia.

Thanks to you, the telecom industry in the country has a solid backbone that we can all rely on, and be proud of.
You’re a critical part of the team, and we have collectively, with immense positive gratitude, benefited from the belief “WE CAN DO IT” attitude.

It’s been a wonderful journey sharing a vision and mission to serve our customers, and management looks forward to many more years together to the assurance of a great service delivery.

Thank you, and I wish you all well!


Lamin A Tunkara
Managing Director